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Litigation in Spain

Even if alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration are increasingly accepted in Spain, litigation remains the most common dispute resolution method used nowadays.

The current economic difficulties in Spain have led to an increase in litigation, putting the judiciary under severe pressure. The number of civil claims has been growing firmly over the past decade.

Although ordinary proceedings are relatively straightforward, and the time limits granted by the parties to make their claims are quite limited, due to the significant number of cases dealt with in each court, in practice the parties may have to wait several months before they are summoned to a preliminary hearing and the actual trial could even take place up to a year after the filing of the corresponding briefs.


If you want to initiate legal proceedings in civil or commercial matters, you will have to identify the court that is competent to deal with your case or, in other words, has jurisdiction. If you use the wrong court or if there is a dispute over the question of jurisdiction, you run the risk of a considerable delay in the proceedings or even of a dismissal of your case because of a lack of jurisdiction.
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